A very interesting article about mental health and political organisation a communique from Jock Palfreyman from Bulgaria

Posted by: frithkin | November 24, 2017

Movie night rpg is great !!

This is another rpg I bought a while ago . It got its hooks in me really quick and wont let go .

A bit like how I find it difficult to describe to myself why I like a particular artwork I find it difficult to get to grips with why I love this game so much.

First of all I love the cover art. It reminds me of poster art for films from the 1980’s ( like Et ,Last Starfighter , Goonies etc ) . it speaks to nostalgia , whimsy and childhood wonderment.

Looking at this cover , gets me keen to play a game . It is the thing that immediately attracted me to the game second was the low price in print even cheaper pdf ( free !!) and compact size of the book itself ( A5 ) with about fifty pages so doesn’t take long to get to grips with the rules .

From the back of the book ” The game focuses on story and interaction , with minimal dice rolling . The system is child friendly but also offers a light alternative for those wanting a break from more mechanical heavy rulesets , making it ideal for filler games or fun nights .

“This book contains not only the full rules , but also several sample story ideas , an easy , random story generator , rules for different world settings and a full introductory adventure”.

The different world settings mentioned on the back cover , are a nifty addition as they hint at other stuff the game can do .

It has a three act ( scene) structure which reminds me of three act plays, but it does have simple rules for how to add extra scenes if needed .

Posted by: frithkin | November 4, 2017

A Rad Hack Rpg review type thingie

A somewhat recent rpg purchase counted amongst them Rad Hack . I have wanted to write a review ( a reading review ) of it for a while . Unsurprisingly to anyone paying even the smallest amount of attention , I am not exactly a dedicated blogger or even post with anything resembling any form of regularity.

Regardless I love this book and the game within it. The Rad Hack is by Karl Stjenberg , based upon the Black Hack rpg . As can possibly be discerned from the cover art ( and the title !!) The Rad Hack is a post apocalyptic rpg ,akin to the venerable Gamma World .

I mentioned Gamma World , the Rad Hack feels to me like a distillation of Gamma world . It has a synopsis on the back cover “Exciting adventures in a weird post apocalyptic world ” which would make a good brief sentence to introduce people to the game .

There is a lot going on, on the cover which I really like . I find my attention drawn to different parts of the cover everytime I look at it . It is beautifully coloful from the pink background to the different colours of the characters in the foreground .

A great thing about it is that it reinforces the theme of the game , and hints at what may be found while adventuring in your own post apocalyptic games .

Just a brief glance at this fantastical cover shows us first up, in the foreground, a mutant lizard character who , in a nice artistic touch, is wearing the Black Hack symbol ( the devils horns ) on his faded black tshirt . Close behind him to his right is a yellow mutant lizard (or bird? ) Type guy and beside him is a small grey robot !! ( I love robots ) .To the left is a spooked out Green frog mutant guy . Arrayed behind them are a variety of different peoples and creatures .

It also features some environments that may be found , from destroyed ruined cities , biodomes , mushroom forests . It even features pterodactyl , ufo’s and some kind of robot tripod vehicle !!.

Something else I like about this book is its dimensions . It’s 6’9 small and compact so ideal for putting into a bag to transport wherever it is you choose to game . It would maybe take an afternoon to read through and learn the game and maybe five to ten minutes to create a character. Character types you can choose from are mutants , robots ,humans and psionic . Also featured are profession and mutation tables modules tables for robot characters and psionic powers for psionic characters . Succinct rules for weapons quality of equipment and degradation which is great for reinforcement of the post apocalyptic genre are also featured . The rules are simple enough that it wont take long to get a handle on how they work and get player characters made and playing to the players hearts content . Get this game .

I had the briefest of ideas about a hex crawl with the setting being colonial Australia . Maybe with a 0 level funnel type thing like DCC rpg or the one by Lampblack and Brimstone for Dungeon World rpg , where all the players have a small handful of 0 level convict characters or something and go on adventures in the wilderness unknowns of Australia . Only with more weirdness. I am thinking of things like 

– Maybe Ancient Egyptians explored Australia so there are sphinxes and pyramids to explore 

– Admiral Zheng He may have been to the top of Australia so maybe there is a buried army of clay warriors ?!( I obviously am stretching a bit here , but Zheng He is way cool,and so are those clay warriors ) 

– Maybe other nations are setting up small  rival colonies ? 

Like I said just some ideas at this stage but its all food for thought I guess !?

Posted by: frithkin | July 17, 2016

Land of the Lost as  a Hexcrawl 

I have been watching the old Sid and Marty Croft , Land of the Lost on Dvd and  it got me thinking about a Land of the Lost Hex Crawl / dungeoneering adventure . You’ve got the possibility of random encounters with dinosaurs , grizzled prospector types from the civil war , ( an episode written by Larry Niven) primitive humans ( australopithecines ?) not to forget Sleestaks and those mysterious sky -pylons  !! Possibllities of finding and attempting to utilise advanced technologies , time storms dungeon crawls through cave networks and trying to find the way back to where you originally came from . 


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Ummm ?


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Talking to myself again 

I have talked to myself out loud for a long time . I seem to recall talking to myself as a child and can recall also , occasions were I was wandering around places talking to myself even conversing with myself and telling myself jokes at which I laughed of course !!? 

I have not ever expressly thought to do as the message above exhorts but I may give it a try .

I dont think I would reccomend talking to yourself out loud in public however   , that kind of behaviour tends to bother people .

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Emily Bronte and her poetry 

I have enjoyed Emily Bronte’s poetry and novels for a long time and this is my particular favorite poem by her  . Possibly a bit morbid ? However I like it irregardless .


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