Posted by: frithkin | July 21, 2016

A colonial Australian Hex  Crawl ? Or something like that !!? 

I had the briefest of ideas about a hex crawl with the setting being colonial Australia . Maybe with a 0 level funnel type thing like DCC rpg or the one by Lampblack and Brimstone for Dungeon World rpg , where all the players have a small handful of 0 level convict characters or something and go on adventures in the wilderness unknowns of Australia . Only with more weirdness. I am thinking of things like 

– Maybe Ancient Egyptians explored Australia so there are sphinxes and pyramids to explore 

– Admiral Zheng He may have been to the top of Australia so maybe there is a buried army of clay warriors ?!( I obviously am stretching a bit here , but Zheng He is way cool,and so are those clay warriors ) 

– Maybe other nations are setting up small  rival colonies ? 

Like I said just some ideas at this stage but its all food for thought I guess !?


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