Posted by: frithkin | November 24, 2017

Movie night rpg is great !!

This is another rpg I bought a while ago . It got its hooks in me really quick and wont let go .

A bit like how I find it difficult to describe to myself why I like a particular artwork I find it difficult to get to grips with why I love this game so much.

First of all I love the cover art. It reminds me of poster art for films from the 1980’s ( like Et ,Last Starfighter , Goonies etc ) . it speaks to nostalgia , whimsy and childhood wonderment.

Looking at this cover , gets me keen to play a game . It is the thing that immediately attracted me to the game second was the low price in print even cheaper pdf ( free !!) and compact size of the book itself ( A5 ) with about fifty pages so doesn’t take long to get to grips with the rules .

From the back of the book ” The game focuses on story and interaction , with minimal dice rolling . The system is child friendly but also offers a light alternative for those wanting a break from more mechanical heavy rulesets , making it ideal for filler games or fun nights .

“This book contains not only the full rules , but also several sample story ideas , an easy , random story generator , rules for different world settings and a full introductory adventure”.

The different world settings mentioned on the back cover , are a nifty addition as they hint at other stuff the game can do .

It has a three act ( scene) structure which reminds me of three act plays, but it does have simple rules for how to add extra scenes if needed .


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